Logger Dock

**NOTE: The Logger Dock is currently unavailable due to supply shortages**

The Logger Dock is a docking station for charging, upload, and data acquisition for untethered headstages. With the Logger Dock, it is possible to charge and upload data from one processor top while recording with another for extended recording sessions. The dock’s compact size, versatility of function, and compatibility with all of SpikeGadgets’ dataloggers make it ideal for high-throughput experiments.

  • Compatible with the miniLogger 32, HH128, and custom loggers
  • Compact design
  • Charges processor top battery, while base remains on the animal
  • Uploads recorded data from microSD card to computer
  • Controls start/stop recording to the logger
  • Sends synchronization pulses to timesync data with third party devices and environmental events
  • Ideal for longer recording sessions and high-throughput experiments
  • Updates headstage firmware
  • 1 analog i/o, 3 digital i/o (additional 32 with ECU)
  • Compatible with probes or electrodes, see adaptors
  • 5v linear power supply
  • USB cable
  • RF antenna
Connection to computerEthernet or USB
DIO3 digital in/outs, extendable IO to ECU
Sampling rate30 kHz or 20kHz supported
Dimensions100mm x 80 mm x 25mm
Weight7.7 ounces
Range15 feet