General Purpose Commutator with Through-Bore

The General Purpose Commutator with through-bore features HDMI connections and is built to handle a myriad of your tethered recording needs! It is electronically passive has a 4mm diameter through-hole for passing optical fibers, stimulation lines, or drug delivery tubes. It is well-suited for tethered recordings with our HH128, HH256, Modular, and Neuropixels headstages.

*If you do not need the through-bore for drug delivery or optogenetic stimulation, we recommend the General Purpose commutator which is lighter and has lower torque than the through-bore version.

  • HDMI cable for connecting to the headstage to the MCU
Connectors HDMI (type A) to headstage, HDMI (type A) to MCU
MaterialBlack aluminum or plastic
Through bore4 mm diameter
Height68 mm
Weight50 grams