Modular Stacking Headstages 128 to 1024 channels

The Modular Stacking Headstage system for rats and larger animals can be customized to stream up to 1024 channels of neural data in freely-moving animals in tethered mode or configured to record up to 512 channels in untethered (wireless) data logging mode.

  • Suitable for freely-moving rats and larger animals
  • Up to 1024 channel capacity tethered or 512 channels for untethered recordings
  • Integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and radio receiver
  • Available with 36-pin Omnetics or 71-pin zero insertion force (ZIF) connector
  • For custom build configurations please inquire here
  • HDMI cable
  • Input testing board
Channel Countcustomizable, 64 to 1024
Intended experimental applicationsheadfixed, freely-moving, untethered data logging
Connectors to electrode array2x Hirose ZIF Connectors - FH43B-71S-0.2SHW
Dimensions (headstage only)22.5x12x33mm
Dimensions (headstage + cone)27.5x38x55.5mm
Power Comsumption (based on actual samples; can vary)1 probe board (128 channels): 138mA at 3.7 V
2 probe boards (256 channels): 173mA at 3.7V
3 probe boards (384 channels): 210mA at 3.7V
4 probe boards (512 channels): 251mA a 3.7V
Sampling rate30 kHz
Bit depth16-bit
Input range± 5mV
Connector to MCUMicro HDMI
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro
WeightPictured headstage is 16.3 grams