Modular Stacking Headstages 128 to 1024 channels

Made for rat-sized animals or larger, this modular system can be customized to stream up to 1024 channels for a freely moving animal or for up to 512 channels of untethered datalogging.

  • Up to 1024 channel capacity or 512 channels for untethered recordings
  • Custom build
  • Select 36-pin Omnetics or 71-pin zero insertion force (ZIF) connector
  • Integrated motion sensor and radio receiver
  • Compatible with MCU and ECU

For 128-channel modules with ZIF inputs, see download on left.

Channel Countcustomizable, 64 to 1024
Intended experimental applicationsheadfixed, freely-moving, untethered data logging
Connectors to electrode arrayOmnetics 36-pin with 4 guide
Sampling rate30 kHz
Bit depth16-bit
Input range± 5mV
Connector to MCUMicro HDMI
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro
WeightPictured headstage is 16.3 grams