Analysis Tools

Matlab Toolbox

An open-source Matlab-based analysis suite for neuroscience.

This toolbox contains an assortment of functions used to import Trodes data into matlab, perform spike sorting, and analyze data with a powerful data query and analysis framework.

Import functions from Trodes to Matlab.

The toolbox contains a set of matlab functions and wrappers to access data collected with Trodes. Users can either access data directly from the .rec files or extract data types such as spikes, LFP, and digital I/O events. Users can also import data from modules like the Camera Module and the StateScript Module.


Python Toolbox

A growing collection of Python scripts for Trodes data.

With Python quickly becoming a popular choice for scientific computing, we are starting to develop tools for it as well.

Import data from Trodes to Python.

Currently, there is one script, readTrodesExtractedDataFile, that can take in data files created by any of our export utilities for analysis in Python. CameraModule’s generated timestamp/frame files can also be read in. There is one for Python2 and one for Python3.

Required packages: numpy

# With current directory in the TrodesToPython dir
#from readTrodesExtractedDataFile2 import *

from readTrodesExtractedDataFile3 import *

Coming soon: Write your own real-time modules in Python

Coming soon is an API, with a Python library, that allows users to stream real-time data from Trodes and subscribe to events by Trodes and other modules, include your own scripts.