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Come work with us!

We encourage software, electrical and product engineers who are enthusiastic about neuroscience to join our team.

We are a small startup company, situated in the always-interesting Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco. We strive to make hardware and software with ease of use in mind, but with minimal compromises in performance or flexibility. We seek creative engineers that have a knack for smart interface design and who always seek to understand the users’ needs and workflow. If you are interested, please send a CV to

Highly valued software talents:

  • Graphical user interface design using Qt C++ development framework
  • Data analysis and visualization with python
  • Multi-threaded real-time signal processing
  • Low-latency control of hardware devices
  • Algorithm development for real-time processing of neural signals

Highly valued hardware talents:

  • FPGA programming
  • PCB design for high-speed data
  • Wireless technologies
  • Optical engineering (hardware for optogenetics)
  • Embedded systems