miniLogger 32

The miniLogger 32 miniaturized headstage recording system is a complete data-logging solution designed for both tethered and untethered (wireless) neural recording. The miniLogger 32 digitizes and records 32 channels of 30KHz neural data directly to the headstage via microSD storage in untethered mode or livestreams data via the MCU when recording in tethered mode.

  • Lightweight 7.2g (with 110 mAh battery), suitable for freely-moving rats and larger animals
  • 32 neural channels plus integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and radio receiver
  • Easily recharge the battery, start/stop recordings, and upload data with the Logger Dock
  • Optimized for high throughput and social experiments
  • EIB compatible
  • Battery (integrated in processor top)
  • 128GB SD card (integrated in processor top
Channel Count32
Intended experimental applicationsfreely-moving, untethered data logging
Connectors from from base to processor top40-pin Hirose mezzanine connector
Connector to mL32 headstageOmnetics 36 position dual row female connector (A79027-001)
Sampling rate30 kHz or 20 kHz supported
Bit depth12-bit and 16-bit supported
Power Consumption86mA at 3.9v
Data loggingFull data-rate broadband data, 70 minutes with 110 mAh battery and 8GB micoSD card
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro
Dimensions17mm x 30mm x 15mm height
Weightbase: 2.11 grams
processor top: 5.07 grams