Environmental Control Unit (ECU)

The Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is a powerful system for controlling and recording behavior. It is compatible with peripheral devices, such as lights, levers, beam breaks, lasers, audio cues, solenoid pumps, and synchronization signals from third party hardware.

  • Syncs environmental data with neural data on the MCU
  • 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs
  • 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs
  • Easily programmable with StateScript for temporally precise sequences of environmental triggers
  • Compact design
  • 5V power supply
  • Mounting L-brackets
  • 19″ rack mount
  • USB cable
  • 1′ HDMI cable to MCU

For continuous full-sampling rate data streaming to Trodes, must be used in conjunction with MCU. The ECU can be used as a standalone system to control and log events using StateScript to generate a text-based readout of events.

Control Units Manual
Latest firmware (v2.1)

Digital I/O32 inputs (O to 5V) and 32 outputs (0 to 3.3V)
Analog Inputs8 inputs (-10 to 10V range, 13-bit digitization)
Analog Outputs4 outputs (0 to 5V range, 16-bit DAC)
Breakout connectors10 channels routed to front SMA connectors (1 Ain, 1Aout, 4 Din, 4 Dout)
Connection to computerUSB
Run modesStandalone or stream to MCU
Sampling clock rate30 kHz
Hardware scriptingStateScript