Environmental Control Unit (ECU)

The Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is a powerful system for controlling environmental stimuli  and recording behavioral responses. With both analog and digital I/Os, it is compatible with a myriad of peripheral devices such as lights, levers, beam breaks, lasers, audio cues, and synchronization signals from third party hardware.

  • Precisely syncs environmental and behavioral data with neural data on the MCU
  • 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs
  • 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs
  • Easily programmable with StateScript for temporally precise sequences of environmental triggers

For continuous full-sampling rate data streaming to Trodes, the ECU must be used in conjunction with the MCU. The ECU can be used as a standalone system to control and log events using StateScript to generate a text-based readout of events.

  • 5V power supply
  • USB cable
  • 1′ HDMI cable to MCU

Control Units Manual
Please contact Support@SpikeGadgets.com for the latest firmware release.

MaterialAluminum case
Intended experimental applicationsfreely moving, untethered data logging, headfixed
Digital I/O32 inputs (O to 5V) and 32 outputs (0 to 3.3V)
Analog Inputs8 inputs (-10 to 10V range, 13-bit digitization)
Analog Outputs4 outputs (0 to 5V range, 16-bit DAC)
Breakout connectors10 channels routed to front SMA connectors (1 Ain, 1Aout, 4 Din, 4 Dout)
Connection to computerUSB
Run modesStandalone or stream to MCU
Sampling clock rate20kHz and 30 kHz supported
Hardware scriptingStateScript
Weight380g or 13.4oz.