Headstage Combiner Unit (HCU)

The Headstage Combiner Unit (HCU) combines neural data streams from multiple independent headstages into a single data stream which is sent to the Main Control Unit (MCU) for further processing.

  • Optimized for headfixed recording experiment
  • Combines up to 8 headstage streams of 32, 64, or 128 channels (up to 1024 channels per HCU) into one data stream
  • 5V power supply
  • HDMI cable

Control Units Manual

Please contact Support@SpikeGadgets.com for the latest HCU firmware release.

Max channel count1024 or 256 (using 128 or 32 channel headstages)
Configurations supportedheadfixed
MaterialAluminum case
Connection to MCU (or to daisy-chained HCU)HDMI
Supported headstagesUH32 and HH128 np (version without processor)
Weight294g or 10.4oz