Neuropixels Headstage

The SpikeGadgets Neuropixels headstage is designed to optimize the power and density of Imec’s Neuropixels probes with the smart design and flexibility of SpikeGadgets’ products.

  • Records neural signals from up to three Neuropixels 1.0 probes with 2880 selectable neural channels
  • Can operate in tethered mode or untethered datalogging mode with battery power source
  • Tethered live stream up to 1152 selected channels or datalog up to 400 channels
  • Light enough for rats and larger animals; just 19g for headstage + cone
  • Optimized for high throughput and social experiments
  • Unique alignment system to make daily connecting/disconnecting simple
  • Integrated motion sensor and radio receivers
  • Low noise
  • HDMI cable
  • Number of Neuropixels ProbesUp to 3
    Channel count
    Selectable(up to) 2880
    Tethered recording1152 (across 3 probes) or 384/probe
    Wireless data logging400 (across 3 probes) or 384/probe
    Intended experimental applicationsfreely-moving, data logging
    Headstage + Cone19.2g
    Headstage + Cone + 400mAh battery31g
    Power consumption (1 probe)160mAh
    Dimensions for tethered streaming (headstage + cone)35x25x45mm
    Dimensions for data logging (headstage + cone+ 400mAh battery)45x25x55mm
    Sampling rate30kHz
    Bit depth10-bit
    Connection to commutatormicroHDMI
    SensorsAccelerometer, gyro