32 Channel Stimulation Headstage (UH32stim)

The 32 channel headstages are designed in conjunction with the latest SpikeGadgets HCU to enable up to 256 channels of stim and record capability in headfixed prep.

  • Low latency: fast stimulation response in under a millisecond
  • Responsive API: write custom code to define close-loop behavior algorithms
  • Low profile, low-weight package
  • Supports electrophysiology experiments
  • Used in conjunction with stimulation-capable HCU
  • Input testing board
Channel Count32
Intended experimental applicationsfreely-moving, untethered data logging
Connectors from from base to processor top40-pin Hirose mezzanine connector
Connector to mL32 headstageOmnetics 36 position dual row female connector (A79027-001)
Sampling rate30 kHz or 20 kHz supported
Bit depth12-bit and 16-bit supported
Data loggingFull data-rate broadband data, 70 minutes with 110 mAh battery and 8GB micoSD card
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro
Dimensions17mm x 30mm x 15mm height (100mAh version)
Weight6 grams (110 mAh version)