Horizontal Headstage 128 Channel without Processor (HH128 np)

The HH128 np headstage amplifies and digitizes 128 channels of neural data and is optimized for head-fixed recording experiments where data logging and motion sensing capabilities are unnecessary. The HH128 np livestreams data directly to the MCU via the  Headstage Combiner Unit (HCU).

  • Compact 128 channel design
  • Up to 8 HH128 np headstages can be daisy-chained using the HCU for simultaneous recordings up to 1024 channels

For 128-channel untethered neural recording applications, see our HH128 with data logger.

  • HDMI cable
Channel Count128
Intended experimental applicationsheadfixed
Connectors to electrode arrayTwo 70-pin Hirose DF40 connectors
Sampling rate30kHz
Bit depth16-bit
Connector to HCUMicro HDMI
Dimensions35mm x 22mm (footprint); 22mm height