32-Channel Mini-Mouse Headstage

The mini-mouse headstage is a a lightweight 32-channel headstage for freely-moving mice. This headstage is lower profile than the UH32 and includes a custom 1-meter long, low-profile ultra-flexible tether that is lower torque than our other headstage and cable combinations so mice may move about the experimental environment more naturally and comfortably.

  • 32 channel mini-mouse headstage
  • 32 channel input signal test board
  • Ultraflexible headstage tether
Channel Count32
Intended experimental applicationsheadfixed, freely-moving
Connector to arrayOmnetics 36-pin with 4 guide pins (A79025-001)
Sampling rate20 or 30kHz
Input range±5mV
Bit depth12- or 16-bit
Connector to Commutator/HCUMicro HDMI
Dimensions14x14.4x4.34 mm
Weight1.1 grams