Upright Headstage 32 (UH32)

The 32-channel upright headstage (UH32) is our classic, small-animal headstage. It amplifies and digitizes 32 neural channels, all in a low-profile and low-weight package.

  • 32 channels of neural data
  • Small size makes it ideal for freely-moving mice (1.8 grams)
  • Can be used in conjunction with our lightweight, low-torque commutator
  • Input testing board
Channel Count128
Connectors to electrode array160-pin Amphenol Lynx connector. An assortment of routing boards to probes and electrode interface boards are available.
Sampling rate30kHz or 20kHz
Input range± 5 mV
Bit depth16-bit
Data loggingFull data-rate broadband data, 2hr 45 minutes with 500
mAh battery and 128GB SD card
Sensors3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro
DimensionsWith case: 35mm ✕ 22mm footprint; 24mm height
Weight11.1 grams